Dreams Do Come True (choice story) Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/PewDiePie x reader
Dreams Do Come True (choice story) Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/PewDiePie x reader markiplier x reader stories

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You're sixteen and you've always been dreaming of meeting your heros. Mark. Jack. Felix. When you do, what will you do when they end up fighting over you? Who will you choose?

Dreams Do Come True (choice story) Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/PewDiePie x reader

~Your POV~ (y/b/d) - your birth date [don't include the year]

You open your (e/c) eyes to warm sunlight on your face. You stretch smiling. Today is (y/b/d). You turn sixteen today. You get out of bed and put on a (f/c) hoodie and jeans.

You sit at your desk and lod onto your computer. You open up YouTube. You look at Jack, Mark, and Felix's channels, all in turn. Nothing. You close the tab and open up your recording stuff.

You start up the camera and open up FNAF. You press record and start your intro.

"Hey guys! Paws here, and I'm back with another video! Today I will be playing Five Nights at Freddy's! You guys recommended and requested this game alot.

So far, I've heard that it's a 2D horror game that was designed to look 3D. Also, that it's a good game and--" There's a knock at your bedroom door.

"Sorry guys, it's my birthday so it's probably my mom. I'll be back." You get up and open your door a tiny bit. Your mom is waiting with here hands on her hips.

"Mom, I'm recording," you whisper. "It's your birthday, (y/n). I'm only allowing a fifteen minute video. Clear? We have people coming over." You groan. "Mom...

" "It's only your friends and their parents, that's it." You sigh. "Ok fifteen minutes only, I know. You're cutting into my time limit, so I'll be out soon.

" You quietly close the door and sit back down in your chair. "Hey guys sorry about that, this video is gonna be a little short.

Anyway, let's play, shall we?" You continue into the game, playing. Your phone vibrates and you look down at it. It was an Instagram notification.

You look back up to your computer as you open it. You glance down long enough to read it. It was a comment from Mark! He saw your drawing of him, Jack, and Felix.

Omg! He is following you! "Oh my gosh guys!" You pause the game. "So if you saw the speed draw that I posted yesterday, you'll know that I drew a picture of Mark, Jack, and Felix.

I posted the drawing on Instagram. THE Markiplier commented on it! He's even following me!" You look at the recording tab that's on your other monitor. "Shoot! Hey guys, I gotta go.

Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed.

Leave a comment down below, like, subscribe, share, and remember to hit the little bell to get notifications! Thank you and I will see you in the next video! Buh-Bye!

" You stop recording and do quick edits then started the upload. Since it was short, it uploaded fairly quick. You click upload then close your computer.

You hear people talking in the living room. You open your door and creep out. Your friend, Taylor, looks at you. You grin and put a finger to your mouth in a "Shh" sign.

Her eyes sparkle, but looks back at our moms. You sneak up behind them and put your arms up. "BOO!" They both jump and scream. You and Taylor fall onto the floor, laughing.

Your mom frowns at you. You smile and look over to where the presents are. Or really, present. The only thing there is a large box. Your smile falters. You had only asked for one thing.

PAX tickets. It's a large box, they won't be in there. Your mom notices, "If you don't like it, I will happily return it." You jump to answer, "No! No! It's ok! Thank you mom.

" There's a knock at the door. Mom gets up to answer it. She opens the door and smiles, "Glad you could make it!" A woman comes in and a skinny teenage girl peeks out from behind her.

Her long brown hair is stick straight. You gasp. "LILY!!!" You two run at each other and hug each other tightly. Lily is your absolute bestest friend who lives in Dallas.

You haven't seen each other in forever. She's a year older than you. You squeal, " You made it!!!" She laughs. "Of course I made it!" You quickly introduce her to Taylor.

You notice Taylor and Lily both have suitcases with them. "You guys are staying the night?!?! Awesome!" They laugh and say together, "You could say that." You hug your mom tightly.

"Thank you so much Mom!!" She chuckles. "Alright, I'll get the cake and you open your present." You all sit at the dining room table. You open the box box, inside it is blue tissue paper.

You move it aside and there is a medium sized box inside. "Is this some sort of joke," you ask. Your mom grins mischievously, "Maybe. Maybe not." You smile and pull out the box.

You begin to lift it to your ear to shake it. Your mom yells, "Hey! No shaking!" You grin. "So its fragile?" "No, it's not. Just no shaking." "Yes Mom~" You look down at the next box.

You open it. Inside is a mixture of pink and red tissue pape. You move it aside and there is a small, rectangular box. The box is barely bigger than an envelope.

You hear whispers and you look up. Taylor and Lily stop whispering when you do. "What are you whispering about," you ask. "Nothing!" they yell together. "Hmm...

" You open the small box and inside is green tissue paper. You push it aside. Nothing. You pull the paper out and at the bottom is an envelope. The envelope seems to be full of something.

You pull out the envelope and hold it. You take a deep breath and open it.

A/N~ I hope you enjoyed. It's my first fanfic so yea. Let me know if you found the Easter egg. Hint: it's a pattern.

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