Jigsaw Puzzle Life
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seanfesko I once was everything to everybody.
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Life isn't as cut and dry as we'd like it to be.

Jigsaw Puzzle Life

I’m living a jigsaw puzzle life.

Pieces of me lie scattered all across the table:

a like here, a pet peeve there, a hobby across the plane.

I’m not sure how they all fit together,

and there’s no picture on the box to show

what I’m supposed to look like.

I wish there were; living would be much easier if I knew

where to go, what to do, who to like, what to be.

Because there’s so much power in deciding these things.

I’m living my high school dreams.

The pieces I was fitting together then

are the same ones I’m playing with now.

That scene is almost complete,

but the sides of the puzzle remain


in fact, I can’t find the corners.

I’m just one long edge stretching on indefinitely

with no right angle to guide me

to the next line.

Life is a mystery.

Not a cozy one you can solve in an hour,

but a long affair that you may never solve.

Some of the pieces have yet to reveal themselves

and no matter how much I try—when I die

the finished piece will hang for all to see,

holes in the frame and all.

And maybe that’s okay, because it means

I didn’t spend my years chasing perfection.

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