The Scorpion and the Trio
The Scorpion and the Trio @wind_master stories

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On Wind Master's birthday, an unexpected visitor needs the help of the Trio.

The Scorpion and the Trio

The Awesome Trio was doing their daily patrol of their ocean. However, while they were at it they still managed to celebrate their friend, Wind Master's, birthday.

Opedex was playing the drums and trumpet as a party noise, while your name guided Opedex on what to play.

"You guys are so nice!" Wind Master thanked the two.

"You're welcome." your name said while still moving his staff.

"Nothing like seeing a friend happy!" Opedex said quickly, then went back to playing. They were near an island when they heard a yell. It sounded like a yell of distress and/or pain...


"Wait guys. Someone needs our help!" Wind Master said. She then darted in the direction of the sound as fast as the wind. When they arrived, they found a scorpion drowning the water.

"We'll save you!" Wind Master told him. The scorpion tried to yell for help again but he was submerging too fast for any comprehensible words to escape his mouth.

Wind Master fearlessly lifted the giant scorpion onto an island. "Are you Okay?" She asked.

"I am now, thanks to you." He said. "Thanks. For your help, here's a gift." The scorpion handed Wind Master... a delicious pie!!

"Thanks!" She said. The scorpion scuttled to the shore as the Trio continued the celebration.

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