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Be careful who you don't trust... and be careful of the pies you eat...

The Pie...

The Awesome Trio was peacefully roaming their ocean. One day, they came across an island, but no ordinary island it seemed... there was something most suspicious about this...

"Why do I hear boss music?" Asked Opedex, frightenedly.

"Well, I hear it too..." Wind Master agreed.

"Why do I see the final boss?" Your Name asked.

They all looked in the same direction of Your Name... only to see a pie sitting on the island.

"THE PIE IS A LIE!!!" They all yelled in unison. They spent the entire day blocking people from the pie. They then met two dragons who helped them out a bit. But a King Dragon came.

He felt he had authority over them, which simply turned to rage when they blocked him from that delicious looking pie.

"Get out of my way or I'll firestream you all!" The now five of them dived from the wrath of the KD. "There we go..."

He ate the pie, and in a flash, he became... A SHRIMP!!!! "WHAT?! NOOOO!!!"

"Sorry man, we tried." Wind Master said. In the end, none of them, not even the shrimp, could resist laughing.

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