The River ❤ A story from today❤ By Jakie Williams❤ Enjoy!❤
The River ❤
A story from today❤
By Jakie Williams❤
Enjoy!❤ karen stories

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I'm going to write something for each day about that day!

The River ❤ A story from today❤ By Jakie Williams❤ Enjoy!❤

A week ago I moved to the countryside of my state, Our landlord is quite sweet, We also live near a state park! Sadly, my best friend and roommate stayed in the old apartment in the city.

My brother and his boyfriend canoe all the time, so they decided today to teach me! We rented a red canoe and went down to this river at the state park,

It was calm at first, but little did I know: rapids were ahead.

Panicking, I stood up. In the canoe. It fell over on the left side, our cooler spilling all the food and drinks, It took at least an hour to collect everything, the water felt ice-cold,

The rest of the time Kota and Arron rocked the canoe slightly freaking me out! It was kind of funny but also scary!

We saw : 1 Mink 7 Ducks 21 Turtles 1 Poisonous Caterpillar 324 Butterflies 93 Dragonflies 2 Snakes (One venomous, one peaceful) (Yes I really counted)

It was very relaxing until, we met a Karen. She was sunbathing at a huge rocky beach and we stopped to (about 20 ft away from her) she screamed at us for being on "HER BEACH" and invading "HER PROPERTY" but that beach was apart of the state park, she even tried calling the police - She said the name of the state park on the call and they hung up!

Then she called the manager of the lodge in the state park! They also hung up!

So today was a great day for me, what about you? Share your day in the comments or shout out's!

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