Testament (For Zanne)
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My Testament

Testament (For Zanne)

What ever this is, it's long overdue.

A letter, a poem, a testament

of a dream I would never want to wake up from.

Who would have thought that all those nights staring at the stars,

desperately crying out and begging for a purpose,

or at least a way out, would pay off.

I was lost in a constant haze of doubt and anxiety,

of fear and sadness,

and nights induced with alcohol and self-destruction.

Then you found me, and I found you.

We found each other.

All it took was a bus ride that steered me to where I should be,

and hundreds of lights that lit my way to you.

You're the song I can listen to every day

that lets me know that everything will be okay.

You made me see good in the same old name and face I wear,

but couldn't bear to see.

I wouldn't know if we found each other by chance,

or by God's will, but I'm thankful nonetheless.

I hope that my words will find a way

to remind you of our fondest days,

and of your newfound place on my thawed, cynical heart.

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