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sd95 Everyday, it gets a little easier.
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Something that I've been wanting to revisit for some time now, but put off because I still don't know what direction to steer it in.

One Wish

As I lay down on my death bed,

I heave a sigh of regret

I just know I can't let this be it.

My life was pretty short-lived.

My body has given up on me.

I feel my soul stray from my weak exterior.

but before I draw out my last breath,

I pray to the heavens for one last wish.

They say before you die, you see a white light.

You see your life flash right before your eyes;

I open my eyes and see myself in the distance.

I was taken back to that nostalgic day.

My wish came true.

I see us standing there with me and hundreds of others,

I saw only her at the time,

and she was so beautiful.

It was a moment I wanted to last forever.

I used to wish that she felt the same way.

I am on my knees, eventually breaking down into tears.

Things like this can never happen again.

I knew I was also fated to leave, but Isn't it too soon?

Seeing this, seeing her, seeing us for the last time.

My hopes,

my dreams,

my future,

They're all gone.

I see them together and keep each other company for a night.

At that moment, they felt like they can take on the world.

It was when I was ready to tell her how I feel, but I couldn't; I didn't.

Now, I realize just how much I had missed.

I know this memory will still be in my heart if I were to disappear.

So staring at one of the most sincere smiles I've ever made,

I stand up, wipe my tears, and close my eyes as I fade away.

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