Love Songs, Sad Songs
Love Songs, Sad Songs sad stories

sd95 Everyday, it gets a little easier.
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To the girl/s that led me on.

Love Songs, Sad Songs

I kept myself busy as I try to get by

and you flashed your pretentious smile

as you gave me your unwanted false hope.

Suddenly, all those love songs were about you.

I was ecstatic, elated, entranced by you.

Days went by and the colors started to fade again

You had me playing your sweet little games

wrapped me around your cold dirty fingers.

I should have noticed from the start

that you only called because you were bored

not because you ever cared about me.

Suddenly, all those bitter songs are about you.

Now you walk away and all I can do is do the same

It bothers me how you're unaffected and I'm left cynical.

but I've grown tired of asking the same stupid questions

so I hope you know that all these sad songs are about you.

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