Just For Tonight
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sd95 Everyday, it gets a little easier.
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Just for tonight, let me be the me that I hate.

Just For Tonight

Just for tonight, I take back what I said

I'll just soak myself up in the rain

or burn daylight wrapped in my bed

and tomorrow, I'll do it all again.

Just for tonight, let me not be fine.

Let me forget over a bottle of wine

I'm sick of playing dumb

I'm tired of acting numb

It all feels so senseless

when in the end, everything's hopeless

Sobriety seems so far away

especially when I'm used to this drunken state

Because what else would take the pain away?

what else would cover up this fear?

Just for tonight, I'll let the pain stay

Just for tonight, I want to disappear.

Just for tonight.

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