Friday Nights
                   Friday Nights drinking stories

sd95 Everyday, it gets a little easier.
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Ah the night life. I miss them sometimes.

Friday Nights

Friday nights always end up in such a blur

as I spend the night in familiar revelry.

And when it's time for you to turn on me,

I'd still have the couch to crash on to.

I want that late night festive mood.

So darling, I need you to make it good.

I know I stumble from the right track.

One after the other, I keep coming back.

Let's go for another round.

Until everything turns to black

Until I can no longer hear another sound.

Please don't tell me to hit the sack.

Trapped in the haze of a night of bliss

My bloodshot eyes tell me I'm already down the abyss.

Oh my god, here comes the chronic pain

Oh well. Tomorrow let's do it again.

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