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I felt like writing one of those monologues villains just really love to do. It's a common trope that I like when done correctly, so here's a (hopefully decent) attempt.

Cynical Villain Monologue

Let's think this through.

I've lost, that much is true.

One strike and my head will end up as another trophy.

To you, it's just another one of your hollow "justice"

You heroic types think you can save everyone.

Tell me. What do you think? What do you see?

Because all I see every single damned day is how the world has already turned to shit.

I see none of this "hope" you so zealously fight for.

All I see, hero, is a world where the rich and powerful stomp all over those who have nothing.

Nobody cares, hero. Not one god damned soul.

How much do you see when you rush from place to place, huh?

Have you seen every nook and cranny of it and still think so highly of it?

Do you think you're going to change the world?

Don't be ignorant.

You're not.

One last strike, blood will be shed and I will fall.

And then what?

After painting me blood red, will the world suddenly brim with color?

No one gives a rat's ass about me, or you.

You just haven't lived long enough to see that.

Draw your blade, hero.

Add more violence to this forsaken world.

At the very least, my death would find meaning in showing you that your world is as broken as your sword.

This is goodbye.

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