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scripturientout of this world
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by scripturient

I always stay up late

and before going to bed, at 3am, I always look through my window

I always hope to see a light in one of the windows,

so I know that I'm not alone at this weird time of the night when everything feels out of reality.

But I never do.

I always go to bed alone and think of all these people who are sleeping right now.

But one night,

when the stars were falling just to be closer to all of the dreamers, I saw a figure looking through the window

I got really curious.

I climbed up my windowsill, opened the window, just starred at the sky and sometimes peeked at that mysterious person, hoping he would see me.

As time was passing

I was getting bored. I lost the number of the stars my eyes have caught. And that mysterious man didn't seem that mysterious anymore. Just a sad figure gazing at the night sky. Just like me.

So I decided to go to bed.

As I was closing my window, I noticed something falling through that window.

It was a shooting star.

But a little bit different. It was a cigarette falling down. And I must say. This fag-end got me more excited than all of the stars that night.

And then I went to bed.

But happier than before. I didn't feel alone that night. I felt like that person is still with me.

And now,

I still hope to see that man looking through his window at 3am,but I never do. So I start to think that that night was just an illusion, an image that my mind created.

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