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last summer nights

by scripturient

the summer is ending and so are the careless nights.

so if you didn't do much all summer, you should go out and live

dance all night no matter where you are

at the club, at the shop, in the middle of the street, in your bedroom

spend some time to think

about all the good and bad times, about the ones you love, about what makes you happy

be with your friends

do crazy things you didn't manage to do all summer, laugh until it hurts, hug them too much, enjoy every moment

or be alone

cry, laugh, create, plan your future, listen to music, go for a night walk and just simply enjoy yourself


something you love and something you hate, all books leave you with some kind of feeling and it's amazing

explore new places

you can always find something new and interesting at your town even if you think it's boring

fall in love

with a stranger, your partner, your friend, yourself, with life

go for some last trips (yes, at night)

just get yourself a ticket to somewhere and enjoy your time meeting new people, exploring the surroundings

just have the time of your life

and be happy

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