Where are you??
Where are you?? 1980's stories

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Silent longing and hope (1980's)

Where are you??

Writting letters with pain

missing my sweet candy cane

promised to get back by a month

thinking about her at every brunch

Finally finished work

for my job as a clerk

Does she still loves me

memories passing by sipping her fav tea

Boarded the bus hoping to see her

will she be long gone

or will she make me spur

but every time I see her, I just re spawn

I hope she doesn't generate hate

entering my hometown exactly at eight

Ran to her home through stalls of swordfish and prawn

locked doors made me think that she sure was long gone

Heartbroken sitting riverside

heard sobbing by the boats nearby

There was his sweetheart watching him with eyes all blue

she ran towards and clinged on him like goo

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