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scribes23 Writing to save my life
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A reflection on who one is and who one belongs to


Your name looks unique when

you spell it backwards. Somehow you

are more of yourself when

turned inside out. But your name

should not stand too far aside

from the others ; for if it does,

you will be sentenced to dark

waters, causing you to drift along

passages where you then settle in

an unalterable groove. And then your

life -- no longer belonging to you --

is lived through others. These others, with

their stiff separate faces, ignore

anything immediately radical, preferring

their own eccentric manners.

It is disquieting how you are to be

so much like them. You're not yet

adopted -- but soon you won't know where you came from -- and then all

the town will be laughing at you.

There are snapshots you remember,

like a scrapbook featuring important

people and necessary conversations, that

made you once feel that you were

exceptional. But now these observations

carry a dread that is akin to practicing

eulogies. So you begin to think. Maybe,

we should all spell our name backwards,

and perhaps -- that share knowledge will draw

our guilt aside.

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