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Dad gets introduced to virtual reality

Welcome To Our World

“Get it on your computery thing!” Dad tells us as he shows us the house on google maps.

We frown and point, “But you have it there!”

“No!” He exclaimes, “The thing with the headset!”

The Vive he means, to see it in virtual reality.

So off computer brother goes, to his little hovel.

Not much later we are all summoned.

Dad dons the headset, already looks like a clown.

We snigger quietly, this should be entertaining!

“Wow!” He exclaims turning around, “How clever’s this?”

Yes Dad, this we know.

We have been trying to tell him for years.

Yet only now he listens.

Welcome to our world Dad.

One of technology and marvel where you can go anywhere in the world right from one room.

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