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My Life In Words

by scotti


Travelling isn't a holiday or a fun night out... Travelling is a state of mind... You don't learn to travel... You travel to learn... It is education for the visual mind.


If you want to know what a person values the most, look at what they photograph... Every picture they take is a moment that they want treasured Every picture speaks volumes words can't touch


Every scar on your body is a story Every story should be treasured Every colour... Every place... Every age... Every body has a story to tell about you as a person What will yours be?


Sitting on a beach Listening to the waves Feeling the sand beneath your skin Counting the stars in the sky Feeling the heat of the fire Seeing the moon reflect on the water That is peace


Playing football is my happy place Feeling the grass beneath my feet Catching the ball in my hands Anticipating every moment I'm always at my happiest playing the sport I love


Family is the most important thing in my life All my tattoo remind me of my family I miss them every day that I am gone And I have made a new family that help with the lonliness


Poetry is what ever you want to make of it... It could mean something completely different to someone else But still make perfect visual music It's like stars, It creates infinite beauty

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