Contaminated love
Contaminated love latenight stories
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Poem I wrote with a chaotic mind

Contaminated love

am I you

what am I without you

it's not your fault

don’t cry for me

don’t confuse me

i love you

don’t leave me

don’t have sex like it's


don’t look at her naked body

with the same eyes

that you looked upon mine

don’t let me breath a life saving breath while you’re

in her

let me wallow in saturated agony

let me be in pain

let me feel the extent of my own emotions

and eventually

for a bee that carries three times its weight isn’t meant to


let me go into that goodnight

that idyll

that probable hell

where I may but suffer the more,

take me there

give me a smallest crumb more

let me lick your fingers

offer me your dirty napkin

I have undone deeds to pay

unsaid respects to say

I must see if I could still summon her

that sweet love

that burns as it exits

my bellybutton

let it then lapse away

so I can forget

and when that suited, masked sweetness of them all

finds his way back to my dirt trail

i will pick him up and nourish his soul with my own

so his stomach fills

and he is more whole

and I am more hole

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