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scarletmacawCommunity member
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This is the first poem I have uploaded on this site please leave a comment and tell me what you think, I need the feedback

A Funambulists Wire

I want to get tangled in those knots in your hair

I want to love you tell you feel your soul is free to bare

I want to fly in the sky of your eyes

I will shield you from the worlds lies

I want to give the constellation of your freckles a closer look

When I described all the ways you make me love you I wrote a book

I practice funambulism and you're my wire

You made me throw away the me that was once a liar

You douse yourself in oil and light it on fire

I'll always be there to smother it, though It gets hot

What they say is true, you can be bought

But they offer you tinfoil and fools gold

You're the biggest fool of them all and you put on a good show

They fall for your effortless spiel

Affection and love is what it takes to get the real deal

They pay you the price for a product that's a knock off of you

You want to be healed by your own make-do-guru

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