cant let go..
cant let go.. sad stories
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scaredone i just wanna express myself
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about my last mentally abusive relationship

cant let go..

by scaredone

cant tell why i still care

is it because i feel bad or because i like the attention

you're such a bad person

you have screwed with my head and made me scared to be with you but also leave you

you never loved me

you loved the idea of me and made me love you. made me feel happy that im finally with someone

why can't you be normal

i always tried to work it out with you and help us be something but you never trusted me and always pushed me away

don't tell me you love me

why would you try to hurt me and be mean to me if you still wanted me

i wish the best for you

i will always hope you do well in life and find someone to be happy with

i'm sorry but i'm done..

you have made me hate you. i can't keep up with this controlled emotional abuse. i can't be scared to leave you just because i don't want the threats after

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