Never too far from home
Never too far from home forest stories

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A boy lost in a forest must find his home again.


Never too far from home

A quiet forest, trees as far as the eye could see. The sun cast eerie shadows across the ground that were fading as the sky was painted with reds, oranges, and pinks.

The sun sung further and further, plunging the world into a temporary darkness. The moon quickly rose and the stars ran onto the sky.

A boy, on an unknown quest, wandered and twisted throughout the trees. Leaves crunched under his feet as he walked. He stayed alert through the tears in his brown, memory filled eyes.

He paused and the crunching paused with him. He looked up at the moon and tears slipped down his face. But he quickly sniffed, wipping his eyes, and looked to his right.

He began walking that way, hoping to find an end goal to this endless quest.

Wind blew and clouds wept, soaking the ground quickly. The boy moved his blond hair from his eyes and stayed close to the trees.

His hood was up and tears began to fall again as his mind wandered to past memories. His eyes drifted to the moon light and he swore he saw a face that had been forgotten in time.

Tears fell like a water fall as he staggered and collapsed against a tree. He slid down the tree, soon falling asleep as the shadows covered him like a blanket.

As his eyes fluttered open, the sun filled his eyes. The wind was slight but there as the boy yawned. He stood up slowly and continued to walk.

He didn’t want to admit that he was lost, but he knew he was. He sighed a heavy sigh and took out his phone. However, and to no shock, their was no service.

The boy put his phone back in his pocket and began on his walking journey again. He followed the leaves, thinking they’d lead him out of the forest. Alas, he was wrong.

They lead him further into the damp forest. The wind began to pick up and the boy pulled his coat closer to himself to keep in body heat.

The wind sounded like cannons firing at enemy forces as the boy walked the battlefield of fallen soilders. He shivered as the wind swirled around him.

The boy soon came to a clearing in which hundreds of flowers made their home. The boy maneuvered around them. As he carefully crossed the clearing, clouds covered the sun, darkening the day.

The boy stopped walking for a moment, but didn’t sit down in fear that the shadows would take him. After a minute worth of rest, the boy sets off.

The darkened sky dampened the kids hopes of finding and exit to this seemingly endless forest. The kid wandered and wandered, the hours pouring by. As the sun sank, so did the kid’s heart.

The boy gave up searching and laid down in the shadows. The hours slowly ticked away before he felt the grasp at him. He let the skinny fingers wrap around his wrists and yank him down.

He let them pull him away from the forest. He had found an exit to the forest, just not one he desired.

The boy’s eyes shot open as he yanked his arms away from the untrusting hands of the shadows. He stumbled his way up and ran from them.

He ran and ran, never stopping or looking back, never needing help. He didn’t stop until the sun peeked over the horizon. Then, and only then, did he stop to take a breather.

And even then, he didn’t look back. Now more determined than ever, he proudly paraded through the forest, confident about his chances of finding an exit. Time flew by as he held his confidence.

As the sun started to dip, he spotted a clearing. He sprinted to the opening, bursting through the trees. A smile was painted on his face as he saw his home.

A small wooden cabin near a crystal clear lake. It wasn’t much, but it was home. He was back. And even though he was alone, he was happy again.

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