The boy and girl who lived First Year You read (or saw) the epic story from your eyes. Now enjoy it from someone else point of view. From someone else side.
      The boy and girl who lived
                           First Year
You read (or saw) the epic story from your eyes. Now enjoy it from someone else point of view. From someone else side. harrypotter stories

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She came and sat in front of Harry staring awkwardly towards him. None one was saying anything. Everyone was staring at them. It was Rose who broke the silence and said, "Ah…..Hi...I know this is little bit awkward …" .She broke up mid way then with new confidence she raised her hand and continued, "Hi I am Roselia James Potter, your twin ." Harry stared at her a second then gave her handshake. "Hi I am Harry James Potter, your Twin" replied harry. Just in seconds both of them burst out laughing. After gaining control Harry looked at her and said, "This is going to be an amazing year". "Yes, it is", replied Rose smiling.

The boy and girl who lived First Year You read (or saw) the epic story from your eyes. Now enjoy it from someone else point of view. From someone else side.


Lily was very scared as her worst fear was coming true. He found them again. She was astonished before being frightened to see him there .

They have taken a lot of efforts to keep their place a secret. How could Voldemort got to know about this place. This means only one thing .He had betrayed them.

She was not ready to believe that he had betrayed them. He was their best friend, one of the marauder. He was their secret -keeper.

She shouldn't have listened to James when he decided to make him their secret-keeper. They should gone with their first choice.

But this was not the time she thought, she has to save her children, they were just babies barely a year old.

She went to their crib when she heard a crash. He had really came .She heard James saying to her to take the kids and run.

She took baby Harry in her one hand and was about to take Rose when she heard it. Her nightmare had come true.

Even though they were downstairs she heard it clearly when Voldemort used the killing curse, Avada kedavra. She heard her love crashing down the floor.

She wanted to mourn for him to lie down and die but she had no time she had to save her children.

In only few minutes he was there. She put down Harry and Rose in their crib and whispered into their ears," Be brave my babies mum is going to save you .

Keep this one thing always in your mind that mum and dad loves you ". She turned to face him. She was ready to do everything to save her kids. Voldemort was asking her to step aside.

He was saying that he would let her go but she didn't hear anything .Only one thing was going through her mind. She stood in front of the crib holding her hand wide in order to save her kids.

She knew Voldemort would not back away from killing her if he wants to , but she had to do something and deep inside her heart she knew she was doing the right thing .

She don't knew how but her this act was going to save her babies.

She faced him with a brave heart like that of a brave Gryffindor that she was and took the killing curse on her heart.

The last thing she heard was wailing of her kids as they were mourning for their mother.

Voldemort was relieved as he was about to kill his future bane, his enemy. When he went toward the kids he saw two big violet eyes staring at him. He knew the Potters had twins a boy and a girl.

But he never thought about the girl when he heard the prophecy. He never thought that a girl could be his equal.

He smiled to himself and said acknowledging the girl," I really feel sad that I have to kill you. You could have grown into a beautiful women. But you have to die -and so will your brother.

Just... like the way your poor.... parents did." And just like this he cast the spell, the spell which cast his downfall. The spell which marked the potter twins as his equal.

The spell which made them "the boy and girl who lived".

The Avery saw him leaving the Potters house. They could imagine what had happened but they still went inside to check. In the small corner of their heart they believed that they could be alive .

It was all a mess when they enter the house .The tiny hope they had was dying when they saw James potter lying on the floor. They knew he was dead.

They were about to run away and leave for what they had come behind when they heard it . She never imagined that a cry of a baby would ever make her happy.

They quickly rushed upstairs and found the twins wailing in their crib.

She took the girl into her hand and was trying to calm down the wailing babies when her husband asked her to run. Her husband had seen someone in cloak entering the house.

They thought that he might be a death eater coming here to finish what his master couldn't.

The hooded figure was now climbing the stairs, she had the girl in her hand and wanted to take the boy too but they were specifically asked to take the girl only.

She wanted to took him too but the pained look her husband gave told her they had to do only what was told them. They apparated from that place living the crying boy behind.

After a few hours Mr. Avery went on to check on the boy but the boy was nowhere in sight. Mr. Avery wished that wise old man was right and went back home alone.

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