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sax Fiction is merely truth within the lie.
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Another bizarre venture into my brain.

Soul Snatcher

My soul lifts out of my body, my spirit is fleeting. I awake in the woods, surrounded by other beings. Speechless, they motion for me to follow. Dressed in all black, into the darkness, a void so hollow.

We come to a cave, a daunting entrance beckoning us inside. A flame flickers in the distance, burning with furious pride. Standing in the fire is a sharp dressed man, glowing red embers floating up from his hand.

"You wanna make a deal, is that right?" "Yes, I do." I muttered in reply. He came in my dreams as written by the book, with a grimace and a nod, his head he shook. "Take my hand and don't let go." "But the fire," I said, it was out of control.

Fire entered my veins, It felt like ice water. There was no pain, not even a holler. I felt quicker, smarter and even taller. There was so much I achieved with my soul as a barter.

Enlightened to the core, self-doubt no more. I awoke the next morning with a smile on my face, and on my tongue the bitterness of sulfur I did taste. A sigil on my chest, scared over the right breast, A sign to show, that I am no longer like the rest.

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