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sax Fiction is merely truth within the lie.
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In my life I have been dealing with a debilitating pain that has left me feeling physically compromised. This is a personal note I have written to pain to let it be known that it will no longer break me down.


Pain is something I know all to well. It is a feeling that made its introduction without a knock.

It entered my life without warning and gradually took over as if the body had its own form of Martial Law.

This may be a battle I feel I am losing, but until my eyes shut for good and my heart no longer beats, there is fight left in me.


Why is it me you have chosen to make miserable? How can you do the things you do and never slow down to stop to think that this all may be unfair?

You have claimed many lives and made victims of all people without bias.

Have you no soul? No heart? Do you not see that the way you make me and others feel is ultimate cruelty?


What is it you want? I feel like a hostage in the war you wage against anything that has a pulse. Are you something else entirely?

You come in so many forms that tracking you down makes it hard to say with certainty I know just who or what you are.

But as the days go by and I feel you lingering over me, I feel as if I’m one step closer to discovering just how to rid you from my life.

Pain, I know you’re there. You’re watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

When my guard is let down and I begin to fall into a state of happiness, you make your presence known to me.


You may be strong, but I am resilient.

I will not let you control me any longer.

I will smile when I feel as if I’ve had enough.

I will laugh when I feel the need to cry.

I will move freely when I feel I cannot go any further.

Pain, you have met your match.

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