Endless Mirrors


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sax Fiction is merely truth within the lie.
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Own Who You Are!

Endless Mirrors

I feel like a slave, A rat in a maze. Haunted by my reflection, In mirrors crowding a hallway. The sound of glass breaks, Without damage, No cracks in my face.

A cloudy haze breaks over my face, Transparent enough to see my form change. Is this true evil in me that I see? I guess we're all born a casualty. From birth to death we will rise again, Reborn within the reflection depicted from our sins.

Who's eyes are those looking back at me? The sounds of laughter cackling. My reflection caught within the image of another, Simultaneous evil looking back at each other.

Like a castle in the sand washed away by the tides, My soul flows forth, And you're coming along for the ride. Heed my words: Own your reflection, There's strength in the voice when you use a confident inflection.

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