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sax Fiction is merely truth within the lie.
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Love wants a bite out of everyone.

Bite Out of Love

If there is one thing we should embrace, let it be love without fear of mistake. A soulmate is real, it's not some fairytale. It's an everlasting bliss, a pact sealed with one passionate kiss.

It doesn't matter who you are, gay or straight, close-by or far, there is a universe out there with infinite stars. I found my true love and I dare say-you can to, you'll know that it's real, when they remain steadfast beside you.

Through good times or bad, angry and sad. There's a shoulder to lean on, just for you to have. We all make mistakes and live in regret, but don't gamble with love, it's an unlucky bet.

In my world there plays a slow, romantic tune, the sky above glows beautiful, a majestic, violet moon. Let go of your fears and take hold of life, with your one true love you can live in constant paradise.

Forgive one another no matter the deed, no body’s perfect, it’s each other you need. I love you, my heart you freed. It wasn't until I met you, that I could say my life's complete.

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