"the best is yet to come"

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saveourminds a torrent of feelings trapped in skin.
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...is it?

> in which i vent my anxiety and stress about what is to come

"the best is yet to come"

an angry vent/rant by @saveourminds

(a phrase that my mum used to say a lot)

the best is not yet to come, mum.

I don't know what I want to do with my life, mum.

What if I end up not liking the course that I have chosen to study?

What if I end up not liking the job I'll be offered?

What if the person I end up loving, won't love me back?

What if he's violent on me?

What if my boss harasses me?

What if I don't find anyone to trust?

What if you leave?

I don't know if I can walk this world alone... I'm afraid.

I'm afraid to walk this world alone. (yes, that was a My Chemical Romance reference. If you don't know them look "Famous Last Words" up, it's really good).

I'm not ready to grow up. That's enough with all the changes. I'm tired.

The best is not yet to come, mum.

What if my child feels the same way that I do right now?

What will I have accomplished in life?

What if I don't even find a job?

What if I'm urged to immigrate? Move to a country where I'll be alone?

What if I won't make it on my own out there, and end up coming back, without a job, without a standard salary, without help?

Why should all of this worry me?

...because that's all I've got, less than 221 days. ...less than 221 days to take my final exams, that will determine my whole future.

Yesterday I realized my best friend is 18. I'm growing up.

I'm growing up.

I'm growing up




(what's going on)

I'm feeling distressed. But I've always felt that way.

I've always felt anxiety for what happens in the long run, what happens until I die.

I'm not ready.

I'm too young to know.

I don't know.

I'm scared.

The best is not yet to come, mum.

"why the f*ck did we grow up..."

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