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bits and pieces of what a bus can teach you | an excerpt from my diary

that bus.

by @saveourminds

It turns out, I learnt a lot of things by taking the bus on a daily basis.

It all started with a white lie, that it's "faster than the school bus". Pure lie.

Sometimes, it even took me longer to get home. Especially on Wednesdays.

On that bus, I made friends.

Other people had fallen victims of that magic as well,

that magic of a service from the government to the people, all the people.

Or maybe, it truly was faster for them.

Point being, we became friends.

Point being, we became friends. Real friends.

We started off talking about the weather. Then about school.

And now we're talking about our parents,

our relationships,

our traumas and our issues.

And I learnt how people bond with each other.

On that bus, I learnt to observe.

I learnt to figure out the past, the present, and the future of other passengers,

just by looking at their socks.

Everyone always talks about shoes. I deem socks are more important.

At the end of the day, they are the smallest detail of them all.

I learnt how to guess where they grew up,

what they do for a living,

where they live,

what they studied,

if they're married.

I don't know if my stories about them are true, yet sometimes they do make sense.

Maybe they don't care that much about their clothing after all,

whether it would reflect who they are or not.

No matter the case, my stories are still stories.

And I learnt how to write.

On that bus, I saw you twice a week.

You saw me too, yet you never waved or nodded.

It turns out that eye contact never forced anyone, ever.

It turns out that eye contact never forced anyone, ever. That's odd.

I always thought you were mature,

or maybe, that you have matured.

But I didn't care much,

But I didn't care much, on the contrary, I realized I was right back then.

And I learnt to trust me.

If you ever see the bus, get on. Even if you are two turns away from your home. Get inside, and go around the city, let in teach you.

And don't you dare to not pay a ticket. You're not paying to get home, you're paying to get knowledge.

Because that bus, my dear reader, taught me more than 14 years of school.

(14 Oct. 2017, I've got a Math test tomorrow).

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