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saveourminds a torrent of feelings trapped in skin.
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and the moon will meet me tonight, but, sadly, there's no water in the stars...



The sunlight burns my skin, but I don't mind.

You want the windows open in the mornings.

The air brings smells of roses and carnations,

And you talk about how you want to travel the world,

How big your to-do list is,

And how ambitious you are about crossing it all out.

And you're bold,

you're determined to make a future,

and maybe that's what I loved about you;

How you say you will do something, and do it.

Me? I was always a procrastinator,

Always waiting until the last moment to finish anything,

Always trying to extend time and make it last longer.

Always trying to extend time and make us last longer.

That's when you said that I was purple.

The colour of the sky when the sun sets.

How it fights, to keep in sight, to never let go,

But eventually, it gets swallowed by the navy blue.

And that was the problem.

You weren't the blue.

You were red.

You were red. Aiming to leave this place, and get as much as you can from this world!

Travel to all these countries, that you know their capitals by heart since you were 8.

And bathe in every single ocean.

Too bad, and, maybe, sort of unlucky,

you fall in love with moments,

but I fall in love with people.

You are red, and you burn.

And you started this huge, cliché, fire inside me!

And I hope you make your dreams come true,

And that you get happy one day,

And that you find that person, that will make you throw away your to-do list,

because after them, there's nothing left to be done.

I know I have.

I know I had.

And the moon will meet me tonight,

And the moon will meet me tonight, But, sadly, there's no water in the stars.

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