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We need your help urgently

Save the community

Recently, many users have been harassed by anonymous users on the account “d0n”.

These mentally ill people have been telling many commaful users that they deserve to die and to go commit suicide, along with making fun of their sexualities, like @gacha_quotes and @itz_foxxyy

We need to do something about this. But nothing will happen if we all just back out.

First, we should not make any more public accounts and delete all the ones that current exist. If someone is harassing you about your sexuality or just telling you horrible stuff, block and report them.

We must also raise awareness about the misuse of public accounts

Public accounts are the #1 cause of commaful drama according to many commaful users

Shoutouts, posts, talking to people, anything will help. Just please do your part.

Oh and make sure to tag #SaveCommaful :) Really hopes this gets better soon!!

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