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Having been emotionally unaided for almost whole my life, the loneliness, hatred and disgust I experience at that moment is enough to drive me insane.

Source: Taani Singh

Cruel Bastard

by Taani Singh

Having been emotionally unaided for almost whole my life, the loneliness, hatred and disgust I experience at that moment is enough to drive me insane.

My life is as gray as these clouds that I witness through my windows. But the gray clouds would disappear once it rains. And I hope all my worries would disappear as well.

Look at the world we live in. A cruel, sadistic world. Look at the daily suffering and all the injustice that happens. Look at how flawed we all are.

Everyday people are dying and suffering because of what their fellow human beings do to them. And someone like me can only witness unjustness.

Although putting up a fight feels like a desperate but hopeless act.

I will fight nevertheless.

I have to get back my happiness that has been snatched away by one of the cruel bastards out there due to their own profits.

I should not be here watching the sky and feeling helplessness about my life right now. Instead, I should be fighting to get back my life in track like before.

Taking out a pair of jeans and a shirt, I got myself ready to meet the living devil and face him. All the while, I felt way more anger for this one person who made my life miserable these days.

People like Ryan Parker, feel they are superior and can do anything as they feel with money and power everything is achieved. But they do forget that they're ruining blameless people's life.

The ambiance is totally against my providence as I struggle to find a taxi. The task of finding a taxi in this city during rains is next to unattainable.

"To the Parker group of Companies, quick," I exclaimed with exigency in my voice once I found a taxi.

Before the driver could deny, I opened the door and settled myself inside.

The driver looked at me making a weird expression, which made me glance at him, giving him a questioning look. He nodded and started driving.

To settle down everything, I need to reach to that devil's company at any rate. He made my life miserable and difficult. My innersole started talking with my mind.

I glimpsed outside, trying to divert my raging temper, which rose by a mere thought of him, but in vain. My temper flared each passing time as I found myself tapping my bag impatiently.

I leaned back to the seat to find comfort as I closed my eyes in order to calm down my nervous system.

"Ma'am, you're here." The driver informed, waiting for me to climb down from his taxi.

I paid my taxi fare, ignoring the fact that I am supposed to get few bucks back from the amount I paid to him.

I hurried quickly towards the main entrance, where two guards was already alerted making me frown. He studied my expression.

"Let me go." I stated trying to maintain a normal face at the guard that prevented me to walk inside this huge building.

"Sorry miss, but we are instructed not to allow anyone inside who's not working in this building and who doesn't have an ID card." He completed calmly.

I calmed down my nerves as I plastered a fake smile on my face.

"I'm new here so I don't have an ID yet." I acknowledged letting out a small professional smile making sure that my tone was confident enough.

"I'm saying this again ma'am, I can't do anything about that. If I let you in, my job would be at risk." He responded with the same tone he used before.

I sighed looking down sadly.

I felt defeated and was about to turn to leave but my mind refused to do so. I tried to find another way.

All of a sudden, a loud screeching sound was heard from the main big gates. The guard went there running and I fled inside the main entrance taking the advantage of it.

"Where's the C.E.O? I mean what's his floor number?" I demanded frantically to the receptionist and glancing around everywhere, checking if the guards are around or not.

Her gaze studied me from top to bottom, making me feel a bit offended by her stare, but then resumed whatever she was doing earlier, completely ignoring my presence.

I narrowed my eyes at her and thought of finding it myself, but soon realized that I don't have much time. The guards would find out that I already walked inside.

"I asked you something, Ms. Nancy." I shouted banging my fists on the reception desk, observing her name plate on her uniform.

She looked at me with a bored expression as she rolled her eyes.

"Do you have an appointment?" She asked eying me, throwing down the pen with which she was writing something earlier.

"If you have, then his floor number is 30 and if not, then the exit door is that way." She said in an insolent tone right back pointing her finger from where I walked in few moments back.

I glared at her. Before I could react, the phone on her desk rang and she attended it.

The luck seems to be in my favor today.

Soon, I sprinted towards an elevator.

"Hey you, come back." I heard her screaming and calling out for the security.

Completely ignored it, I entered an elevator pressing the number 30 and it closed instantly. It started jolting upwards.

I heave a sigh of relief as I was lucky that no one was present in there. It took few minutes to reach his floor. The lift doors opened with a ding and I found myself stepping out of it in hurry.

I started walking energetically as to search for the devil's cabin. Everyone in there was looking at me giving uncanny and mystifying glances.

I ignored them because right now, my anger got the best in me.

I knocked a door impetuously where the devil's name was written in bold letters.


My temper marred. Immediately, the resentment I was trying to organize started bubbling up inside my system.

"Hey! Hold on. Who are you and why are you knocking at boss' door incessantly?" A girl in her early twenties, probably the jerk's assistant, held my forearm preventing me to knock the door.

I tried to free myself.

"He's busy and you can't go in without the appointment." She stated and I jerked my arm away from her hold and opened the door at once.

The girl beside me gasped and I ignored her stepping inside a few steps.

I looked inside and my eyes widened at the sight in front of me.

A girl in her skimpy dress was sitting in that jerk's lap straddling him and they were sucking each other's mouths like there's no tomorrow.

I scrunched up my nose in disgust. To grab their attention, I knocked the door loudly which was now opened absolutely.

Their faces tilted at my direction and I would be lying if I say that he didn't look scary and mad as hell. Fire was blazing from his eyes.

The girl stood up from his lap and adjusted her hair and dress and then glared daggers at me.

"Who are you and how did you run to barge into my cabin?" He asked shouting wrathfully at me and then said looking at the girl who was with me at the door.

"And you," he averted his eyes from me to the girl beside me with rage, "You are fired. Don't bother to show up at work from tomorrow.

" He completed with an angry fierce look on his face and I noticed her flinch, hearing his tone.

"Sir, I tried to stop her but she rushed inside pushing me away." She remarked defensively.

"I don't care. Now get lost." He barked and she left the room sobbing. I felt remorseful but I didn't have any other choice.

The girl with whom he was making out said placing her arms on his shoulders, "I'm leaving now. Call me if you need me.

" Saying so she grimaced, as she glanced my way and the next moment stormed out of the room.

"Who the hell are you and how dare you barge in to my room just like that, Security." He roared again making me flinch in fear.

This is not the time to be scared Rhea. Show him that you are not afraid of him. He ruined you and your brother's lives just remember that. I assured myself.

"Sorry sir, we didn't realize when she sneaked inside the building." The same guard from the entrance door said looking down and panting. Fear was visible from his eyes.

Markedly, we are talking about the great Mr. Ryan Parker here. He's cruel, intimidating and emotionless creature I've ever heard of. And now I witnessed it as well.

Evan was right; he is really an emotionless person. He just proved it a minute back, when he fired that innocent assistant of his.

I felt a pang of guilt when I thought about her. If it wasn't for me then she wouldn't have lost her job. The job could be important to her. I sighed internally.

Focus for what you came here, Rhea, my inner voice reminded me again and I looked at this cruel man in front of me. He was already looking at me in fury.

"I'll decide later if you still have your job or not, now get out." He erupted like a volcano at him and the guard simply left slumping down his shoulders dolefully.

The insensible jerk took out his phone and waited for a second.

"I don't want the receptionist down there to show up for her work tomorrow. Hire a new receptionist right now." He sneered at the end as he threw his phone on the desk.

I feel terrible now.

He's really cruel, cold-blooded and heartless bastard.

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