papu loves papi
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papu loves papi

by papaya

about papu and papi

papu was a scientist and papu cant dance sala and papi was a fellow scientist . papu was intelligent but papi was crooked as a snake but papu loved papi

love in the air

papu created a formula which spread in the air beacuse the bottle broke, this formula of papu made people fell in love

infected papi

and due to papu formula papi got infected so she fell in love

problem with formula

the formula had two fault one it was not permanent i.e it fade away after 2 days and 2nd the person infected with it fell in love with new person after every 20 min.

papu's disappointment

as papi was infected so she fell in love with new person every 20 min. so this made papu sad so he destroyed the formula and starts living alone

real love of papi

when papu was left with no hope the effect of the formula also faded and when papi came in her sense she realised that papu was the only one and she came to papu and starts singing a song .

bollywood tadka

papi was a great fan of punjabi singer tommy so she started singing the song of him chitta ve and this made papu soo happy that he fired his joint and start smoking with papi.

happy ending

at the end papu and papi light the join tof there love and smoked for eternity .

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