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Austin Langley and Tj Underland were two people wrapped up in each other so tight they couldn't help but do anything but yell and end up sweaty in bed together. When one was their heir to a crime family and a male prostitute and the other was a detective for the local police force what else could they do.
Warning: this story is not for the light of heart this will have detailed descriptions of sex violence drug use and child abuse.

Underland By Sasunarufan15

Chapter 1

Yelling, sarcasm, dry humor that always leads to more yelling.

Austin Langley was used to this routine but what happens after the yelling always seems to shock him why after everything they say to each other so they end up sweaty, naked,

and panting laying in a hotel bed. After so long Austin couldn't help but wonder why he always came back to this guy why he hadn't just arrested him already and finally just ended it.

Was it cause the young man lying next to him was a brilliant person wrapped up in a fucked up situation or was he just addicted to him since the first day they meet.


This was probably the most stupid yet exciting thing he'd ever done. Austin Langley was a 24-year-old man with nothing better to do on a Saturday night.

Austin was bored with his mundane life all he craved for was some excitement.

It was due to that craving that he found himself laying in a king-sized hotel room bed watching a tiny yet beautiful young man take his clothes off.

The man was only four foot five and could've only weighed about 90 pounds. He had short dirty blonde hair and large emerald green eyes that held a cold and calculating gaze.

Austin watched his tiny hips twist as he slowly slid his tight black jeans down his waist and off of his legs.

He moved with such grace with every small move he made he looked like a mechanical doll.

Austin's eyes followed the young man's hands as they snaked up his legs and slowly slid up to his hips as he kept swaying them.

Austin was captured like a bug caught in a spider's web as he rubbed his palms up his midsection ignoring his noticeable erection moving toward his chest and gave his nipples a light squeeze.

The young man moaned softly then let go of his nipples crawling over to him straddling his hips. Slowly he slid his hands up Austin's shirt lifting it up and off.

When the shirt was off the young leaned in and kissed him. Letting out a soft moan Austin wrapped his arms around the small waist deepening the kiss.

The young man sighs into his mouth wrapping his tiny arms around Austin's neck.

They stayed that way for a few minutes until they had to separate to breath.

Taking a deep breath the young man leans his head on Austin's shoulder turning it slightly to lay soft kisses on his neck.

"This feels nice mister but why don't we start getting to the good part." The young man says with a cocky smirk.

Nodding in agreement Austin sits up leaning over to the bedside desk grabbing the lube and condoms.

As Austin open the cap on the bottle of lube the young man was busying himself by taking off Austin's pants an boxers.

The more Austin watched the young man the more he thought how crazy of an idea this had been. He knew the moment he saw the boys eyes who he was or at least who he belonged to.

Vibrabrint green eyes, yep this boy had to be an Underland. The Underland's were a crime family the biggest in the city.

They were strong and ruthless they mainly dealt with drugs and prostitution.

This young man was more than likely the heir to the family and there number one bestseller Tj Underland. Austin was thanking the gods that Tj hasn't figured out who Austin was yet.

He could see the news headlines now a young promising detective dies in a hotel room stabbed to death.

Austin gulped watching the smaller man slide up his body after taking his pants off watching him with his sharp green eyes. 'What the hell have you gotten yourself into Austin.

' He thought to himself.

(end of Flashback)

Austin sighed, that's right it's cause he was bored he wanted something exciting in his life. Even as a detective of the local police force he had times were nothing happened.

That's when on his day off he decided to walk the streets at night and bumped into Tj.

After their night of sinful passion they meet up, again and again, Austin was addicted he couldn't get enough of the smartass shorty.

Everything was going good Tj hadn't figured out he was detective yet. Until one day he was chasing a suspect down an ally and bumped into Tj giving head to some guy.

Ever since then they've still continued seeing each other but almost everytime they fought before they fucked.

Austin sighed again running a hand threw Tj's soft dirty blonde hair as he slept peacefully.

Times like this, after they let out their rage and lust for each other, were some of Austin favorites cause they were some of the only times they had peace.

He wished things could be different but Tj was stubborn that or just scared to leave his family. So, until the chaos started again he just enjoyed the peace.

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