From A Tweet To A VC Analyst
From A Tweet To A VC Analyst stories

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From A Tweet To A VC Analyst

Here's a short story of how I landed a VC gig that I have always wanted.

I came across an article on Medium

It was titled "Yes, I’m a 26 y/o Female Venture Capitalist. Here’s How & Why" by Elizabeth Galbut.

Hope & Inspiration

She didn't fit the "normal" profile. I loved her story, I got inspired by it.

The game-changing tweet.

I have always wanted to get some hands-on experience. So, I tweeted at her to appreciate her story and to ask for some advice/insights on how I could break into VC.

Long Conversation

She got back. We chatted for a long time on everything from our backgrounds, our mutual interest for designs to raising a fund.

Two Days Later...

We met up for coffee in NYC. We talked for hours. We talked all things VC.

Now, the BIG moment

At the end of our meeting, she offered if I would like to intern as an analyst.


Never be hesitant to reach out. Worst answer that you can get is a no. Genuine interest and willingness to learn trumps everything else.

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