Adventurous love
Adventurous love sarkastiskhore stories

sarkastiskhore Introvert who loves to write.
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Just a quick first post about long distance love

Adventurous love

by sarkastiskhore

We have never made eye contact

But still your eyes make my heart skip a beat

Your smile brightens my day

I hope you notice how happy you make me

Our lives has not been easy

And i just want to make you feel special

Because you are so beautiful to me

I hope one day we will meet

So I can show you my affection

You deserve the whole universe

And I am ready to give it to you

I hope you are ready to sacrifice something for me too

Because our love can mend or break

And I hope you'll mend my wounds as I mend yours

So we can travel through life

And make memories as two

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