Everyday I'm Truffle-ing
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sarjent_sitris All natural juices
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My most recent magic truffle trip.

Everyday I'm Truffle-ing

Brown with bits of soft green and hidden shimmers of silver Earth Pearls

They crumble without much resistance Texture of condensed spongy mushrooms, paying homage to their lineage

Down the rabbit hole we go accompanied by some orange juice and puffs of pot

They squirm and come to life Caterpillars precede the butterflies

Yawning inaugurates the experience Psilocybin always does that How ironic

I venture to the place of the known unknown 45 minutes and we are at its doors

I walk to the local square and greet the natives They boldly descend

Kindness has kindled this relationship They engage without fear

Iridescence enraptured

Colors dance and tell stories of ancestors past and hardships

I pay tribute to their struggle, and lay offering at the foot of their god

Time relaxes

It yawns, tired of accountability

It wants to go with the flow Time is a hippie and we are its drugs

Knowing that I am tripping with Time makes it less lonely

It's odd to be alone in a world full of so many organisms

We all desire the same Survive, reproduce

One would imagine this would engender empathy

Everything is ridiculous I laugh out loud but find myself crying

Why are things the way they are? There is no one to answer

Then Illumination

A bright open field of light greet the senses I park

The clouds part in reverence to His Supreme Lordship The King of the Sky anoints me

I feel the warmth of His blessing I am the Son of the Sun

I start to understand that there is no reason for being Everything just is

The trees nod in silent acknowledgement

I see the faces of sages What stories and secrets they must hold

I am but a child among Scholars I apologize for my impudence

I embrace a tree to convey my love Leaves fall like tears

Near my feet I find an apple I take a bite and LIFE flows into my body Its nectar is divine

Its flesh crumbles into juice and pulp Tiny grains and fiber brush against my mouth I consume it

I am in ecstasy I taste nature's sweet kiss I blush

She pulls me in to partake I cut my lip The image of scarlet blood on white flesh I blush

I caress it and admire its imperfect perfection I see my own reflection

I realize I am sitting on wet grass My ass is muddy I feel like a baby

The wind blows and the trees giggle There's so much laughter and it's always been there

I just wasn't paying attention

I just wasn't paying attention But I am now

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