Red dust 1.2
Red dust 1.2 science fiction stories

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Roman’s world was a barren wasteland filled with hideous shades of browns and yellows.

Red dust 1.2

Roman’s world was a barren wasteland filled with hideous shades of browns and yellows. The ground and walls were scattered with poisonous gas filled boils.

Black stumps where trees used to stand are now covered with the year round spores that plague sphere 4.

The few animals and plants that were able to survive in the terrible conditions were just as dangerous as the poison. All of a sudden, she was shaken out of her thoughts by movement to her left.

She peered through the stained visor of her mask and tried to make out shapes in the thick smog that surrounded her.

There was another movement behind her and she only had a split second to duck before something sailed over her head.

The creature vaguely resembled a dog but had cruel yellow tusks protruding from its unhinged jaw. Its mottled rust colored skin was covered in mud allowing it to blend in well with its surroundings.

Roman pulled out her knife with a practiced ease and circled the beast. It’s odd to find one without a pack so it must be injured somehow and left behind.

She can't afford to feel pity. Abandoned in her world, is just another word for hungry. When the beast lunges at her, she is ready. She uses its weight against it and uses the momentum to flip the dog over her head.

Straight away she rolls into a crouch and waits for its next move. Taking special care not to nick the beast in any areas, one hand is always ready to stall her blade.

She has been burned by the acidic blood enough times to know that she will only get one chance to put it down and she must not miss.

The creature is smaller than usual so she is not expecting this to take very long.

The next time it attacks, it’s only a manner of standing her ground until the vulnerable belly of the beast is exposed.

She keeps her knife pointing up and lets the creature hook itself on the sharp tip before angling her body in way that allows her to avoid the poisonous blood.

Using all the weight in her body applies force to the knife and cuts through the dog’s stomach easily.

She hates this part of her world but when it comes down to life or death, she has no choice but to survive. This does not mean she has to enjoy the taking of another’s life however.

She remembers one of the old songs her mother used to call prayer and as she lay next to the shallow breathing animal,

for once she doesn’t see a predator.There is just a wounded animal that is as trapped as she is. She speaks as softly as she can and after a single whimper and final twitch, it is dead.

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