Dear you..
Dear you..

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sarahrose0054 Community member
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You’ll never read this...

Dear you..

Last night I almost lost you To the overbearing thoughts in your head

Last night I almost didn’t save you And in order to do so I had to execute every word perfectly

Last night I felt your raw pain And what it means to truly want to die

Last night I almost lost you And I’ll never be able to forgive myself for not preventing the break

The break that almost costed you your precious life

And now I sob whenever I’m alone, now my heart aches Because I almost didn’t save you

I almost wasn’t enough to keep you here I don’t think I’ll ever be enough again

But for now, as you lay sleeping, these thoughts will be kept to myself

I will continue to sob in bathrooms alone, so I can be strong around you

I’ll never forgive myself for not noticing how bad it truly was

I’ll never forgive myself for almost losing you

I’ll never be the same, I will weep alone, wherever I can

Because last night I almost lost everything, and I’ll never recover

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