I Will Be Okay.
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sarahemma i’ve got a war in my mind // daydreaming
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“mornings will turn to afternoons which will turn to nights”

I Will Be Okay.

What I am trying to say is that I know everything is temporary.

Summer will fade away one night and the wind will bring autumn back with its beautiful colours.

And the book that I am currently reading will eventually answer all the questions I have been asking myself since the very first page.

And the horrible smell that the burnt dinner left in the kitchen will slowly go away.

And mornings will turn to afternoons which will turn to nights and just like that days will go by without me staring at the clock every second.

And I guess what I am also trying to say is that the heavy pain in my chest will not be there forever.

And the demons keeping me up every night will end up getting tired too, so I will get my sleep back.

But right now, even if I know it is all temporary, it still hurts and I somehow have to be okay with that.

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