Being An Introvert

sarah5Too cool for school
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Being An Introvert

by Sarah

I am not a hermit

I just value being a lone.

Parties can be hard

I like going to parties, but even when I go, I usually just talk to my best friends. Or by myself if I don't know anybody there. Maybe somebody will talk to me

I practice conversations in my head

Social stuff is hard. So I practice all my conversations in my head over and over again

Doing things by myself is OKAY

You don't need to make me feel weird about it. I don't feel weird

I'm NOT depressed.

I'm not mad or shy. I just don't want to talk to anybody for a bit.

Yes, I talk to myself. Yes, I read books.

And yes I love people.

I'm an introvert.

I just don't always have the energy to be social

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@charlesj Yeah agreed!!! After any event I need to calm down and recharge. I think it's an advantage in a lot of ways. More time to think!

charlesjLove to build stuff that matters.
a year agoReply
I completely relate to this post. Especially parties going to parties. Ever since joining a Toastmasters club, now, socializing is easier. Still prefer being alone at times because crowds drain my energy.