For Dads Who Used To Be Cool
For Dads Who Used To Be Cool #nostalgia stories
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sarafarafNerd chick rock n roll
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For Dads who used to be The Coolest

For Dads Who Used To Be Cool

He embarrasses his kids a lot nowadays.

Poor Dad, he didn't know just how

quickly he could be demoted from the

Coolest Dad to the Most Boring one.

Nobody told him it would be this hard

He tries to hold on to things that are the most

valuable to him in the whole damn world

but something somewhere has changed with time.

His Dad Jokes aren't funny anymore

His Dad Moves are "cringe AF" now

His signature recipe, the one that used to

make the kids drool has lost the demand

It used to have, back in the day.

Something somewhere has changed somehow

The more you try to hold on,

the deeper the wound goes. So it's

okay to let go sometimes

Even if it hurts.

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