Two Holes
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We all have that special piece of clothing that makes us feel pretty.

Two Holes

by Sara Caliva

"Is it magic?"

He asked it with a hint of laughter in his voice.

I smiled and said,

"No. It's so much more than that."

It's dirty teddy bears and dolls with missing limbs.

Childhood memories that keep you safe at night.

It's your boyfriend's favorite sweatshirt that you stole.

The one you wear around the house when you're missing him.

It's the dented car you've been driving since college.

The one that you had your first kiss in.

It's sunshine and the first sip of delicious morning coffee.

Your strength to start a new day.

"It has a hole in each elbow."

I laughed as I said it to him.

"You wear it all the time."

He looked so intense as he replied.

Was he starting to understand?

It's my armor. It's my strength. It's my happy place.

"I know. I'm not ready to let it go."

I countered with equal seriousness.

"But it has a hole in each elbow."

He pleaded as he tried to use my own words against me.

"It's that uber cool distressed look for half the cost."

I said it to try and make light of the situation.

It makes me feel pretty.

It makes me feel strong.

"It's just a jacket."

He scoffed this time as he said the words.

I slowly smiled and then said,

"I lean on my elbows when I'm listening intently to your stories. I rest on them when I'm deep in thought. I fall onto them when I cry."

He nodded. No words needed this time.

I slipped on my jean jacket and headed for the door.

He smirked as he said,

"Your elbows will be cold."

Then he handed me my coffee.

I silently kissed him on the cheek. No words needed this time.

It's my armor. It's my strength. It's my happy place.

But just in case, I grabbed his sweatshirt off the hook as I walked out the door.

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