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sanvanosi My mind&tongue do ‘this’ thing w words
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The first time I fell in love it was love at first sight Just hopeless

I had no reigns on my emotions It was a love like wild horses

Lust and love Ecstasy and passion

The order in which one comes first makes the difference

I want to love you passionately and that makes me feel ecstatic

They say you can't choose who you fall in love But with you I did

I chose to love your flaws and imperfections because to me they were perfect

I chose to love your strengths because of your reasons

I chose to love your weaknesses because it took responsibility to admitting

Loving you never felt pressured, rushed, or even manipulated

Even now, I can love you close and from a distance

With you, it's a limitless flow of endless possibilities and options

I didn't >>fall<<in love because loving you is not an accident.

I chose to love you because I wanted to and there's no better feeling than doing something because you wanted to

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