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santikaropoet with peace
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This Poem Is For You

I write

so that one day

I don't have a reason to

but write all day

These words, written by callous fingers

have no interest for your concern

your disinterest, if at all

breaks my indifference and makes me turn

The rusted handle of the door

that stands waiting countless lives

for someone to come and open

or at least, knock on it a few times

This poem, if it can be called such

is not for you

but for your mind which stands behind a door

waiting for something remotely true

I leave you with confusion

because I can't without

I'd rather have us both lost

than risk one acting like he's got it all figured out

If you're still looking for meaning

this poem is probably not for you

if you're still hiding from meaning

than this poem is most definitely not for you

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