Ask/Dare AUs S01/E01
Ask/Dare AUs S01/E01 q and a stories

sanslv I don't know why I'm here tbh
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Ask or Dare my Undertale AUs >.> If you want! Also please check out my Quotev and the first season of the Ask/Dare on there!


Ask/Dare AUs S01/E01


Cupid: Welcome! TO THIS SITE :D

Cyber: *facepalm* What sorry excuse for a story site have we found today?

Blood: I hate it

Cyber: Actually wait if he hates it then I love it- This is an amazing site!!!

Sass: Can't we just stick to Quotev-

Soul: We can never go back.

Rebel: Not after... the incident...

Cupid: Wait what incident?

Blood: Good job ruining the skit, you gay marshmallow

Cupid: That wasn't even an insult- you were just listing two things about me-

Blood: The apparently only good things <.<

Verse: What are the good things about me?

Blood: *counting on his fingers* Nothing-

Verse: ;-; how crude...

Cyber: Anyway... reader... you've been tasked with a mission! You have to ask us a question or give us a dare

Cupid: Though we update regularly anyway so don't worry if you can't think of something because chances are we will :D

Blood: It will just be slow. And sad.

Cyber: Like cooking a hot pocket; it's gonna take too long and still be disappointing...

Verse: And yet somehow scalding?

Blood: Yep because we're all going to hell

Cyber: *claps hands* Wonderful...

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