The Best Online Instructors

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The Best Online Instructors

by Sanem Avcil

Eliot Arntz IOS And Swift Training

Rob Percival IOS, Android and Web Training

Pablo Stanley UX Design Training

Nick Parlante Stanford Computer Science

Bill Aulet MIT Sloan Entrepreneurship

David J. Malan Harvard Computer Science CS50

Charles Fried Contract Law on Harvard

Andrew NG Stanford Machine Learning

Matthew Yee-King HTML, CSS and Javascript

Andy Brown Computer Science

Sarah Spikes Computer Science

Peter Dalmaris Arduino Training

Von Glitschka Vector Graphics

Evan Kimbrell Killer Business Ideas

Nick Walter Swift Trainer

Frank Kloos Prototyping

Chris Haroun Fundraising

Sebastian Thrun Machine Learning

Areti Manataki Scratch Traning

Barbara Oakley Learning How To Learn Instructor

David Cox Harvard Neuroscience

Seth Godin Marketing / Business

Ben Parr Captivation Marketing

Guy Kawasaki Entrepreneurship - Social Media

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a year agoReply
@brady ;)

BradyI am one that thinks. 🙏
a year agoReply
Great List! This will be a useful reference next time I want to learn something! Appreciate the recommendations.

2 years agoReply
@jeremiah I concentrate on finishing one specific subject. if the course take more than 2 hours I work 1 hours everyday to finish. If i dont break the chain I finish it. but if its only 2 hours I can concentrate on finishing that in 2 hours. By the way with this method i completed lots of courses. But i m a Mooc addict :))))

2 years agoReply
I sometimes find it hard to finish a full course online. How do you manage to do it/?

2 years agoReply
Ohh great I didnt know Chris has posts here. Yes from all of them I took courses except Machine learning ones and Von Glitschka. @sydney Hey Chris :) @charoun

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
This is great!! Have you taken online courses from all of these guys? Chris has some cool posts on Pencil actually: @charoun