Seas Turn
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After a mental breakdown, close to suicide. I returned to a place where I would holiday as a child. It was by chance that I met husband and my entire life took on a whole new direction.

Seas Turn

From vast seas of blue, her soul turned teal.

Numb from exposure, in waves she would feel.

Her heart was imprisoned, left hopeless to steal.

The coast as her comrade, her nutrition, her meal.

Taking time to breath, to bloom on her own.

Digging through thoughts, in a quest for her stone.

Left biding her time, by the tide all alone.

At her safe house, her memories and home.

Then a gust of change, a glimpse, a second look.

A courageous rap, to a door it took.

His tranquil expression, feeling sure she's mistook.

This a meeting intended, her coat to his hook.

Her ears heard no sirens, freed from alarm.

His waters were still, emotions were calm.

No visible motives, just his spectrum of charm.

Within she could sense, that he intended no harm.

Kinks in her armour, made not from romance.

Shields shot by his aura, his effortless stance.

Words need not spoken; their language was chance.

Clear from this moment, he was the song to her dance.

His moves were quiet, with great slack he led.

Repairing her layers, with his capable thread.

Neither one knowing, what great path they would tread.

A seamless love and a child in their bed.

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