Indian Royal Wedding
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You are invited to be an honorable guest at the Indian Royal wedding ceremony.

Indian Royal Wedding

Jhanvi Mahasena has to marry within four weeks.

It is an arranged match set by her rigid grandfather who is keen to maintain their royal bloodlines.

Having no choice but to marry a man she doesn't care for, Jhanvi decides to go on a pre-wedding trip as a medical volunteer to a flood relief camp.

There she meets a handsome Air Force Commander who melts her heart with his daring rescue ops.

Jhanvi makes a bold proposition to him as a desperate attempt to stop her wedding.

Although shocked, the commander agrees.

But he puts in a condition of getting to know each other for two weeks before proceeding with an affair.

Two weeks of whirlwind romance ensues, during which Jhanvi and the handsome commander fall deeply in love.

Meantime back home, most of the wedding preparations are done while awaiting the arrival of thousands of guests to witness the royal event.

Will Jhanvi go ahead with an affair? Will the royal wedding proceed?

And if it does, whom would Jhanvi be getting married to?

The man her family picked or the man she loves?

Find out what happens.....

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