Best gift ever
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sandhyasandy Community member
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Short sweet story......

Best gift ever

The doctor out a few minutes later and said, "I am sorry, Mr. Bhatia. I cannot request an x-ray for your wife, "

How can she say that? My wife fractured her hand and this doctor is saying like this

and added with a low smile, "Congratulations. You are going to have a baby!!"

"What?" I asked in complete surprise and heard Nick let out a victorious 'Yes' as he pulled me to his arms.

I laughed in utter shock as Nick chanted 'thank you' endlessly.

"Thank you, doctor," he said looking at the ER doctor.

Oh, wait a minute," the ER doctor said in surprise

and added, "There are actually two heartbeats, look."

"Wait, what?" Nick was the first to react and ask, "What does that mean?"

"Twins, Mr. Bhatia. Two babies!!" she laughed looking at everyone's shocked expression.

Nick put his arms around the doctor and said, "Thank you doctor. You are the best," and added,

"Please get out of my way so I can kiss my wife."

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