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samuraijack Community member
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Just a suicide letter that I'll never write. Me and my lovely, fiancee were having an argument and I thought of what I would be feeling if my feelings weren't in check.

End it

I'm confused. I've been filled with rage. We have this conversation every night, I've had enough. I'm so sick of listening to your shit. I really can't deal with this right now.

Say you want more attention, I dare you. Please, just say it so I can leave this room. I'm trying so hard to not get angry, but it's all I feel.

I swallow a deeper breath, trying to keep it all together.

My mind is racing for answers, my soul is screaming out. I feel my body starting to lock up as we continue talking.

Oh, so you want more time from me? 70% of it isn't enough? Are you serious? It seems all you want to do is take from me, what do I get? Every so often you in a good mood?

I'm sick of second guessing my feelings and caring about your garbage.

It's stupid.

I'm sick of it.


I love you.

I'm sorry.

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